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Queen’s Diamond Collection

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The Queen Diamond Set from HBNIndia is an exclusively designed 48pc jewellery collection for all occasions.
The designer diamond jewelleries are extremely expensive, hence todays women are in search for successful substitute for diamond jewellery. The Queen Diamond Collection has jewellery designed as per the latest trends and are of International Standard.


5 Liner Necklace with matching earrings - the necklace has 183 solitaire diamonds and the earrings has 18 solitaire diamonds
Thick chain necklace with latkan matching earrings - with unique single diamond pendant - has 181 solitaire diamonds
Necklace with round shaped locket and matching earrings - has 191 zarconian diamonds
Neckfitting 3 line Chocker design necklace - has 80 diamonds with round cut designs
Traditional Mangalsutra - has 7 diamonds and 1 pendant
6 pair tops for dailywear - has medium sized solitaire diamonds
Designer Bangle 4 units, size - 2 / 8
German Style Broad Kada - has 32 diamonds
Stretchable 3 Liner Bracelet - has 120 solitaire diamonds
1 Liner bracelet
Two diamond studded Ear & Nose Pressing Bali - 24nos.
Designer Anklet - 1pair
Finger Rings - (one ring has a single diamond and the other has 4 solitaire diamonds) - 2nos
Stretchable Toe Rings - 2

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